The residents’ diversity is one of the strong points of the House of Canadian Students. They come from different parts of Canada and other countries under the so-called “mixing” policy. This diversity promotes rich cultural, academic and professional exchanges.

Residents’ Committee

A residents’ committee is elected at the beginning of each year. The Committee represents the House residents in the relations with the management and the Board of Directors of the House of Canadian Students.



From left to right : Carl Chalhoub (Sports and ADCR Representative), Guillaume F. Larouche (Secretary and ADCR representative), Jesse Shuster-Leibner (Treasurer), Camille Bérubé-Lepage (Social activities), Marxime Bertrand (President), Mariana Kirkwood-Lazazzera (Culture), Nathaniel Tang (Communications), Éric Desrosiers (Sustainable development). Absent Amélie Gélinas (Vice President).

The Residents’ Committee’s task is promoting cultural, sport and social activities, together with the leadership of the House. The Committee also aims to improve the living environment in the House.


  • Welcome
  • Regulations


Upon arrival, each resident must become familiar with the documents presented by the MEC. They must present their passport, a credit card and sign an agreement to acknowledge and comply with the particular Regulations of the House.

Upon arrival, each resident must become familiar with the various regulations and agree to respect them.
House Regulations