Althea Yi: winner of the David and Liliane Stewart scholarship

Althea Yi is the first MEC resident to have the David and Liliane Stewart Scholarship, offered by the Macdonald Stewart Foundation to a Canadian student who wishes to pursue higher studies in Paris. Thanks to the scholarship, her accommodation at the MEC will be financed for 10 months. Canadian born in Toronto, the scholarship winner […]

The David and Liliane Stewart Scholarship arrives at the MEC!

We are honoured to present a new scholarship for MEC residents! The David and Liliane Stewart Scholarship allows a Canadian registered in a Master or Doctoral degree to consider pursuing part of his or her graduate studies in Paris under optimal conditions, by financing their accommodation at the Maison des étudiants canadiens. This scholarship is […]

Farid Pesteh: thoughts on Dry January

During « le pot de la Directrice », I had the pleasure of chatting with Marie about the Dry January challenge/initiative that she proposed to the House on January 1st. We talked about the toll that the consumption of alcohol can have on the body, how this toll can be more taxing on female bodies […]


The House of Canadian Students in Paris is looking for Canadian short films for the first edition of its CinéMEC festival! The event will take place from Friday September 23rd to Saturday September 24th on our three large screens (one of which will be outdoors!). For further information and/or to submit your short film, please […]

The MEC’s graduate studies scholarship

Launched in 2019, the MEC’s Graduate Studies Scholarship allows a Canadian master’s or doctoral student to continue their studies in Paris under optimal conditions. The MEC provides the chosen candidate with free housing during their stay in Paris, for up to 10 months. This scholarship is worth 6150 euros, or about $10,000 CA. Graduate students […]

Poetry Nights

The first edition of Poetry Nights at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris was a great success!The idea was born at the MEC from a discussion between the director France Mainville and the resident and Cultural Agent Maxime Poignand and was brought to fruition thanks to the coordination of Maxime and an organizing committee made […]

Poetry contest

During the night of March 26th to 27th, the closing of the 1st edition of Poetry Nights took place at the MEC at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. (Re)discover here the festive atmosphere of the evening and the poetic competition, which was a success thanks to the involvement of the participants, the public, our […]

Our residents in the spotlight

As part of a serie of videos and portraits of residents of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, the Syrian resident at the MEC, Majd Abazid, testified to his history, his career and his ideals. Majd has a Masters in Data Science from the University of Paris Saclay and is currently a doctoral student in […]

New episode of the video series “Thèse et cuisine”

Have you ever watched our “Thèse et cuisine” video series? The idea is simple: present our residents who are doing their theses in an informal and dynamic video format without losing the quality of everything they have to say about their backgrounds and their theses. The presenter of the series, Alexandre Lloyd (Master’s student in […]


It all started when Maxime Poignand, the Cultural Agent of the MEC, was talking with Alexandre Lloyd (this year’s scholarship recipient) to find a new interesting audiovisual format to use for our content. The topic was the following: how to present the background of our residents in a dynamic and unpretentious way? It is from […]