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Live at the MEC

The MEC welcomes you, and offers the environment you need to both study, and to experience unforgettable moments.

Living in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris hosts more than 12,000 students and researchers from 140 different countries. Get ready for an exciting and enriching cultural and social life!

Social life

At the MEC, friendliness and a warm atmosphere are two of our main strengths. All year long there are events and activities so you can enjoy great experiences with exceptional people.

Cultural life

Concerts, plays, conferences, film screenings, exhibitions and more! Cultural life at the MEC is as interesting and diverse as the students who live there.

I arrived at the MEC in September 2020, as a transfer (brassage) from the Heinrich Heine house. Before coming to Paris, I spent a fantastic year studying in Canada, which made me appreciate the country, its culture, its diversity, and its friendly people. It’s exactly this sense of community, support, joy and friendship that I experienced at the MEC – during film nights, concerts, meals together, or just passing in the hallways. Even though when you’re in a big city you can feel lonely, especially in these difficult times, you’ll feel like you belong in the big family of the MEC.

Natalie Schwabl

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Équipe de la MEC - coktails



The House of Canadian Students in Paris is looking for Canadian short films for the first edition of its CinéMEC festival! The event will take place from Friday September 23rd to Saturday September 24th on our three large screens (one of which will be outdoors!). For further information and/or to submit your short film, please […]

The MEC’s graduate studies scholarship

Launched in 2019, the MEC’s Graduate Studies Scholarship allows a Canadian master’s or doctoral student to continue their studies in Paris under optimal conditions. The MEC provides the chosen candidate with free housing during their stay in Paris, for up to 10 months. This scholarship is worth 6150 euros, or about $10,000 CA. Graduate students […]

Poetry Nights

The first edition of Poetry Nights at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris was a great success!The idea was born at the MEC from a discussion between the director France Mainville and the resident and Cultural Agent Maxime Poignand and was brought to fruition thanks to the coordination of Maxime and an organizing committee made […]

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