Social life at the MEC

Numerous events and activities take place throughout the year for residents of the MEC, to make their experience unforgettable.

These activities result in the development of great friendships, contribute to a convivial atmosphere in the House, and encourage cultural and artistic interactions and connections.

Photos of past event

Social activities

Get ready to taste or cook dishes which are typically Canadian, and from different regions of the world! Attend a concert or a play! Participate in an evening of painting, or spend some time chatting with your colleagues and friends on the patio. That’s also a big part of the MEC and the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris!


Réseautez avec des étudiants et artistes.


Participez à de nombreux événements culturels.


Profitez du parc de la Cité pour pratiquer plusieurs sports.


Goutez des plats de plusieurs régions du monde et montrez votre talent !

List of activities

  • Musical concerts
  • Plays
  • Gastronomy contests
  • Cooking workshops
  • Short trips across France
  • Parties
  • Tastings

Residents’ committee:

A residents’ committee for the MEC is elected each year.

Its role :

Contribute to community living in the house, by establishing a dialogue between the director and residents.

Your opinions, your suggestions, your comfort and your needs are our priority.


The residents’ committee must be composed of a minium of 4 people:

  • The president who ensures a link with the director
    – This person will also be on the Board of Directors of the MEC Foundation.
  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Working groups for different areas of interest are also created each year as needed (e.g. culture, sports, sustainable development, cuisine, etc.)

Meet the 2020-2021 committee : 

Jean-François Houle President : philosophy student (doctorate).

Michelle Le – Vice president : architecture student (license).

Jad Orphée Chami – Treasurer :  arts student (master’s).

Madeleine Cardin – Secretary : philosophy student (master’s).

The residents’ committee also helps organize activities and cultural events of the House so that it is always lively.

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