How to live at the MEC?

The MEC offers you a unique experience in the heart of the City of Light. Its strategic location, as well as its proximity to the other Houses allows you to meet new people, discover new cultures, build connections, and create wonderful memories.

What we offer

MEC offers 143 housing units, designed to accommodate Canadian Master’s, PhD and post-doctoral students, researchers, interns and artists.


The MEC also admits other types of residents who are studying : 

  • Students
  • Interns
  • Canadian researchers;
  • Canadian artists in training or in residence;
  • Students of other nationalities who are transferred (brassage) from other houses of the Cité internationale universitaire.

Conditions :

  • Be at least 20 years-old when you arrive at the MEC.
  • Have a postsecondary degree from a Canadian educational institution.
  • Study in a Canadian postsecondary educational institution.
  • Provide proof of admission for university studies, a research program, or an internship in an institution of higher learning, a research laboratory or a business (through an internship) in Île-de-France (greater Paris region).


    Be accepted at a French institution of higher learning in Île-de-France.


    Demonstrate with a letter from a graduate director in Canada, that a period of research in Paris is necessary to obtain the candidate’s post graduate degree.


    Submit an artistic residency project to the MEC (places are limited).

Admission Committee : 

The directors of the MEC are the admission committee. The committee meets several times a year, according to needs and availabilities, to accept applications.

  • The files of doctoral and master’s students are prioritized and reviewed as soon as they are received.
  • Other requests (student exchanges, internships, etc.) are processed at the beginning of June for admission in the fall, and in October for admission in the winter.
  • The MEC is committed to supporting diversity with regard  to fields of study and the university of origin.

Short visits

Depending on availability, studio apartments are also available year-round for short-term stays. Priority is given to teachers, researchers and relatives and friends of MEC residents.

Summer period (July 1 – August 31)

It is possible to apply to extend your stay during the summer.

During the summer months and the academic year (depending on availability), the MEC also welcomes guests for short, non-academic visits.

Application deadlines

The application process for the current academic year begins in May and ends once the Maison has achieved full occupancy.

Requests can be made all year long. The review of files for  second term admission begins in September.

Rates 2023/2024

Resident students and academic interns accepted by the Admissions Committee Resident students and academic interns accepted by the Admissions Committee
Sept-June July-August
Individual room (standard), per month 555,00 € 605,00 €
Individual room (large), per month 655,00 € 705,00 €
Individual room (standard, witch kitchenette), per month 655,00 € 705,00 €
Individual room (large, with kitchenette), per month 785,00 € 835,00 €
Studio with attic, occupied by 1 person, per month 995,00 € 1 045,00 €
Studio with attic, occupied by 2 people, per month 1 120,00 € 1 170,00 €
Standard studio (single storey and mezzanine), per month 1 235,00 € 1 285,00 €
Contribution to the residents’ committee, per month 2,00 € Per renting fee and per person

Application rules

The academic rates are only applicable for stays of over three months.

The monthly rates for residents accepted by the admissions committee are for the first day to the last day of the calendar month (on the 30th and 31st of the month).

The half-month rate may apply at the beginning and the end of your stay (for an arrival after the 16th of the month, or a departure before the 15th of the month).

Possibility of a single additional night on arrival and/or departure (beyond this night, 1/2 month renting fee will be charged).

  • 65 € for a standard room
  • 75 € for a large room
  • 85 € for a studio with an attic
  • 95 € for a studio with a mezzanine

The summer rate (+ 50 ) applies from July 1st to August 31 only for these students.

In the event of early departure, a notice period of one month is required, to which is added an indemnity equivalent to 50% of the monthly fee as compensation for the loss incurred by the House as a result of this breach of commitment.

For summer 2024, special conditions will apply due to the Summer Olympics.

Services which are included

  • Internet (Wi-Fi and wired)
  • Cleaning once a week
  • Bedding : duvet, pillow, pillow case, duvet cover set, flat sheet and mattress protector (sheets are washed every two weeks)
  • Towels are supplied in the studios and apartments

Effective as of September 1, 2022.

Summer fees

  • From July 1 to August 31, only for these students.

Housing assistance :


You’d like to experience Paris while living at the MEC ?

Apply by completing the following steps : 




  • An automatic notification invites you to complete your application on the MEC portal and provides you with your login and password.


  • Complete your application.
  • Submit the requested documents in your MEC account
  • Pay the administrative fee of 95€ (non-refundable)
    Payment of the administrative fee allows your application to be considered, but does not guarantee a place at the MEC.

Your application will be submitted to the Admission Committee after having completed these 4 steps.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact the person responsible for admissions, Mr. Mauricio Fernandez:

Submit your application

Create your file and submit your candidacy!