During the academic year, the House of Canadian Students welcomes students, researchers and artists, Canadian citizens, or students in exchange (intermingling) with other houses in the Cité.  PhD and Master’s files are processed upon receipt. A commission for other requests (in exchange for mobility, internship, etc.) will take place at the beginning of June for admission in fall.

The House of Canadian Students is committed to supporting, as a matter of priority, the diversity of the fields of study and the universities of origin of the selected applications.

The conditions to be fulfilled are:

  1. Be 20 years of age or older at the time upon arrival at the MEC.
  2. Have completed a graduate degree from a Canadian educational institution.
  3. Study at a higher education institution in Canada AND provide proof of admission from a university, research project or internship, at a higher education institution, research laboratory or company (internship agreement) in Île-de-France.
    Be admitted to a French higher education institution in Île-de-France.
    demonstrate by letter of support from the student’s thesis director that a research stay in Paris is essential for completing the student’s postgraduate degree;

The studios are also available throughout the year for short stays and are primarily offered to teachers and researchers.

The House is also open for short stay guests during the summer months or during the academic year (if there are some studios available).


Upon arrival, each resident must become familiar take notice of with the various regulations and agree to respect them.
House Regulations


Rooms Rates and Fees 2019-2020




The admission process for the current academic year starts in May and ends once the House has reached its maximum occupancy.