Cultural Agent

Summary of your occupation

Design and organization of the MEC’s cultural activities (exhibitions, screenings, concerts, outings, etc.)


French / Belgian / Canadian

Since when have you been working at the MEC

Since June 2021

What do you like most at the MEC

The quiet and friendly life

What do you like most about your home country

The good-naturedness of the Belgians and their legendary humor, from Wallonia to Flanders.

What do you like to do in your free time

Go to the theater, see shows, visit museums, travel, discover

A dish that you love, or which you most love to cook

I’m a fan of Italian food of course (pasta, pizza, cheese, etc.) as well as Belgian food that will always be in my heart (French fries with mayo, waffles from Liege or Brussels, all washed down with lager…). My favorite dish is still pizza for life, all (veggie) toppings included.

A playlist of your 5 favourite songs right now, or your musical idol

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley), Chanson pour Patrick Dewaere (Raphaël), Moi, Lolita (Julien Doré), Gimme Gimme (ABBA), Riptide (Vance Joy). 

 A film that you would recommend to a friend

Compartment number 6 (Juho Kuosmanen, Grand Prix du Jury at Cannes 2021

If you are a student, what are you studying

Cinema and screenwriting

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