Poetry Nights

The first edition of Poetry Nights at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris was a great success!
The idea was born at the MEC from a discussion between the director France Mainville and the resident and Cultural Agent Maxime Poignand and was brought to fruition thanks to the coordination of Maxime and an organizing committee made up of residents from various houses of the CIUP. !
We would like to thank the Maison du Portugal, the Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie, the Maison des Étudiants de la Francophonie, the Lucien Paye Foundation and their residents who supported and helped us in the development and creation of this bold project. 

Evening of March 25th: opening show

 It all started on Friday March 25th with a big concert at the “Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie”. A warm audience of more than 225 people welcomed the poets and musicians who took the stage. A long and unforgettable spectacle.

Thanks to the artists:
Nora Atalla
Nebil Mannai
Imèn Moussa
Trio Dorado
Sylvestre Clancier
Jacques Rancourt
Selima Battikh

Evening of March 26th: Workshops, round tables and conferences

We breathed poetry during this Saturday!
Writing, poetry and slam workshops, a round table on poetry and exile as well as a conference on Gaston Miron filled this unforgettable poetic day!

Poetry and slam contest

A contest full of emotions and talented participants marked this first edition of Poetry Nights.
What a challenge to choose the winners among so many participants capable of deeply touching the public and the jury!
Forty people declaimed poems or slams and, while the jury was selecting the winners, the open mic gave way to other poets present!
Finally, the result was revealed:
Poetry (creation category): Adrien HOGREL
Poetry (interpretation category): Sibylle COSSON
Slam (creation category): Hashem SAIDI
Slam (interpretation category): Noemie DECALF

We closed the Nights of Poetry with the broadcasting of the film « La nuit de la poésie » by Jean Claude Labrecque and Jean-Pierre Masse, which was made available by the ONF.
Those who stayed until the morning shared a good breakfast!