Canada's Committee

The House of Canadian Students in Paris is supported by a non-profit organization called “Canada Committee for the House of Canadian Students in Paris.”. Having acquired legal personality in 1948 through the Act incorporating the Canada Committee for the House of Canadian Students in Paris, the Committee supervises the destiny of the MEC. The more specific purpose of the Committee is to help maintaining, developing and recognizing by all means it has at its disposal, financial and otherwise, the work of the House of Canadian Students.

It acts somewhat like a foundation and does not receive any functioning grants from the Canadian government or the local, regional government. However, the House has been able to access some grants from the federal government and a few grants from the regional government, particularly Quebec, during the restoration.

Since its creation, the destiny of the House of Canadian Students has always been well managed by Montreal business personalities, as well as descendants of Senator Wilson. This is why presently the Committee is presided by one of Senator Wilson’s great grandchildren, Mr. Robert Panet-Raymond, assisted by two other descendants of the founder. The president has succeeded his uncle Jean P.W. Ostiguy, grandson of the House founder, who headed the Committee for more than 45 years.

A general meeting of the members meets once a year to ratify the decisions taken by its Board of Directors. The meeting of the members includes personalities from different backgrounds, such as business, academia, government relations, diplomacy and former directors of the House. Also included are the French Ambassador in Canada, former university presidents and high officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Commerce of Canada. The Board of Directors, including descendants of the founder, is representative of the various components of the meeting of members.